Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon 


  • Smart with the ball in his hands.
  • Excellent on the run
  • Able to break down zone
  • Humble
  • Quick and agile outside the pocket.
  • One of the most athletic dual threat QBs in the game.
  • Doesn’t make too many mistakes
  • Fantastic back shoulder passer
  • Unspoken leader


  • Panics a bit in the pocket.
  • Footwork is out of sync at times.
  • Lack of experience under center.
  • Inability to breakdown complex defenses.
  • Product of the system????
  • Most throws are wide open. Haven’t seen many tight window passes or plays that make me say ‘wow’.
  • Add a few pounds to the frame.
  • Decides to run more times than pass, could result in injuries.

Pro Comparison: Alex Smith. Many evaluators compare Mariota to Kaepernick because of their frames and lines of work. However, Kaepernick has a cannon of an arm and plays a different style of game than Mariota. Alex Smith is the type of QB that I see in Mariota. A guy who loves the read option and depends on his speed guys to make plays for him. Smith was the first overall pick in 2005 and Mariota could easily follow in his footsteps. Their frames are highly identical with Smith being 6-4 217 and Mariota listed as 6-4 219. If Mariota can add more weight and throw balls into tight windows, the Kaepernick comparison would be warranted.

Grade: Top 5 Pick.

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